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wjk-Software SupportEverywhere on the Internet or wherever there are technical requirements, you will encounter situations where it simply doesn't work as you imagine it to work, or where it was planned by the engineers (after all, it's only people innocent ).

Now that we owe it to our customers and their site visitors, we want to give you the opportunity to get a support ticket in addition to the usual email contact, so you can keep track of what has become of your request.

However, there is something painful about this: You have to register with us. It's short and "painless". We ask for your understanding for this measure, but we fear that we will otherwise be flooded with spam messages. Thank you very much!
Here we will start: Support Ticket
Here are an alternativ: Send as a Message
Go to the forum to see what others are doing: Forum


Only in extremely urgent cases
We charge a flat rate per case!


Please contact us via Skype:  



User Rating: 5 / 5

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Support for our customers and their users is always free for the first year. Please go directly to "Help" and trigger a support ticket. Please do not forget to select which page is affected under "Department".
However, companies and individuals can also use our support without any problems.
For more extensive support orders, please contact us and briefly describe how the support should look like.
For individual support requests, please go to the shop and purchase a support ticket, which you can redeem here. Please do not forget to mention your order number on both steps.