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We want to build up a social network here.

wjk Social Network

First of all, it is made up of all areas of our customers and their users. We therefore hope that it will be a very mixed community. It goes without saying that you have to register for this, how else should it work?

Of course, it would be nice if you could advertise as much as possible. We will go into more detail and develop something similar to an affiliate, including support and jobs.

We want to try to offer you a portal of a wide community.

This allows you to walk a little bit independent of the usual paths. Here for we have introduced six levels:
(25 March 2018) Further modules have been added.  First, there are the "Breezing Forms" and "Commerce". The Forms to be able to access data a little more flexibly and the second to generate our shop. Yeah, the shop. We are not sales people, but we want to make it easy for our customers to recognize our services and get a price idea. In addition there are some tools we want to offer and consider important. (If someone has an idea, please let us know). For further information, see here.

Then we want to try "Disqus", we have installed the whole thing here in the menu item "Network" and want to find out if you like it better or "Facebook"? For further information, see here.
(May 20, 2018) I have started to report holidays for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Thailand on the homepage, so that our customers know when our office is occupied or not. However, since these notes are only displayed on the day in question, a more far-reaching solution had to be found. So we decided to set up a holiday calendar. On the first page (homepage) a calendar now appears in the right side area, which you can click to reach further details.
Extended functionality is also available via the "Network - Calendar" menu. Later and step by step we want to enter interesting dates for the wjk-Software® and our customers in this calendar or any other calendar. The whole thing is based on the JEvents module, see here.
(The module names are linked to the respective forums. The "See here" links lead to further information.)


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There are certainly overlaps between the different modules, but we have made sure that they build on each other. The "network module" offers a lot for communication with each other. The "Private Messaging System" is ideal for private conversations. To network their contacts, use the Community Builder. On the top level you will find the user administration tool of "Joomla".

On all levels you will find profiles that we ask you to maintain. The most far-reaching is probably that of "Community Builder".

We have summarized all menu items under "Network". We suggest that you simply try everything out and find out what works best for you.
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Here we want to promote our own network (Social Media). We want to make this as exciting as possible, so let's have a look at a short video in which we present some of our ideas to you.


Video: Social Media and Web Site by Walter Kohl

Here comes one of the main actors: Facebook


It's for external social media content...